New to this blog, but fundamental to implementing the research conducted by HYPER is the Innovation for Sustainable Energy (ISE). From a design project known as H2-Flo to a full fledged student organization, ISE is currently working towards developing the countries first and only modular, drop-in, Hydrogen refueling station! This task has been a multi-disciplinary endeavor, including majors ranging from chemical-engineering to mechanical and material science engineers.

Currently, the team is conducting tests on their newest vortex tube design and plan on liquefying Nitrogen very soon! This has involved the team to pull from all facets of their learning here at WSU; from CAD modeling to thermodynamics, the team’s knowledge continues to grow!

Seen below is the collaboration between one our graduate students, Eli Shoemake and members Jose Ramos, Sage Pratt, and Aaron wu to seal the newest vortex tube with Indium seals. First, Isopropyl Alchohol was applied to the relevant orifices, and then a quick wiping with acetone was applied shortly after. This ensures a good seal within the system to reduce leakage.

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