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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab Archives

Ventilation System for TFRB Soldering Station


Matt and Andrew attach cabling for fume-hood support. The hood was salvaged from the existing facility. It was previously used as a part of a sawdust collection system that consolidated the sawdust from the wood shop that previously resided in TFRB. It will now collect fumes from soldering and brazing processes and will feed to ducting that vents to the outside of the building via the roof.



Above is the completed installation of the fume-hood. The next stage is to run 8″ ducting through the hole in ceiling, install an in-line blower fan, and connect the new ducting to the existing section upstairs that vents to the roof. When completed, this system will lend itself to maintaining quality air in which to conduct our hydrogen fueling system engineering operations.


ME316 Spring 2015

Welcome to ME316 Systems Design for Spring 2015

Machinescape – Unaturally Natural

The Machinescape project is a collaboration between Sena Clara, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at WSU Tri-Cities, and the ME316 Systems Design class taught by Jacob Leachman, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at WSU Pullman. Joining the surreal form of the fine arts and the mechanical complexity of engineering, the Machinescape seeks to build a naturally natural voyage through space and time.


To start off the design process of Machinescape, Sena Clara presented her initial concept proposal. From this presentation we identified key needs of the design, features, and the best way to break up the system in several subsystems. The initial design concepts and decisions can be found in the link below.

Design Process

After breaking  up the proposed system concept into separate subsystems and teams, each individual team set about designing several optional designs for their respective subsystems. These preliminary designs can be found under the links below.

Cloud Concept Designs


Sun Concept Designs


River Concept Designs


Tree Concept Designs


Input Concept Designs


Power Train Concept Designs

Power Train

Structure Concept Designs


Final Designs and Prototypes

Once we presented several of our subsystem design ideas to Sena Clara, we selected the best design that would fit with the original concept. Once we had these designs selected, we began the process of refining, building, and testing these designs. The final design prototypes can be found in the links below.

Cloud Final Design

Cloud Final

Sun Final Design

Sun Final

River Final Design

River Final

Tree Final Design

     Tree Final

Input Final Design

Input Final

Power Train Final Design

Power Train Final

Structure Final Design

Structure Final

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