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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab Concept

Experimental Goal

Now that you’ve completed the scope of the experiment, what is the specific, defined goal of the experiment? What tests will you run, what outcomes do you expect to see?

Relevent Needs

What does the experiment need to do? These will be used in the house of quality in the next step. These needs may be dictated by a grant, customer, or just the needs to meet your experimental goals. Explain what each need means and the kinds of constraints it sets.



Low cost – Flying Genii is limited to a $10,000 budget. We will have to be frugal with our spending, and make as many of the components in house as possible.

Safety – Safety is of greatest concern in the lab. We will need to ensure all components meet relevant safety standards, and proper procedures are in place to perform experiments safely. This may require buying more expensive, higher quality components in critical locations.

House of Quality

Perform a house of quality relating the above needs with the engineering characteristics you’ll need to rate experimental designs.

Design Paradigms

Come up with at least three design paradigms that could meet your experimental goals as stated at the beginning of this section. More is better, and try not to limit yourself with practicality or sensibility – judging the designs come later. That crazy design idea just might clue you on to a better design that will work! Flesh out the details of the designs and sketch them in some way.

Safety Analysis of Designs

Look back at the design paradigms you just completed, and back at your safety concerns from the initial scope of the experiment. Are any designs flat out unsafe? Can you reduce the selection of designs just from a safety perspective? For any designs that remain and can be safely implemented, list the safety concerns inherent to the design. Provide a little more detail here, but don’t worry about implementing specific designs and standards just yet.

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