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HYPER H2-Refuel Installation Site

TFRB 001Installation site outside the HYPER lab (TFRB 113, WSU). This site is well suited for construction, maintenance, storage, and operation of the fueling station.

Our system is a transportable system that can be easily moved to any location via a truck on the roadways. We could conceivably “install” our refueling station just about anywhere with a power outlet and waterline. That being said, for the purposes of this competition, our station will be built, located, and operated at Washington State University’s Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research Laboratory (HYPER lab). The HYPER lab, located in the Thermal Fluids Research Building (TFRB) 113, has all of the capabilities to locate and run the system, and is designed to be a safe operating environment in the event of a system failure. The HYPER lab has several trained experts in cryogenic hydrogen capable of monitoring the system while running.

Washington State University