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On the threshold of Washington State’s clean hydrogen economy

I recently made the case for a clean hydrogen economy in Washington State at the monthly Technology Alliance Science and Discovery Series. The slides from the talk are here. Alyssa Patrick was tweeting during the event and made a follow up blog post about the talk. In short, a clean hydrogen economy could happen soon and look like this in Washington State:

1) Hydrogen production: To add more infrequent renewables (wind, solar, tidal, etc.) to the grid, Bonneville Power needs more ways to balance the grid, adding power in some cases, removing power in others. Hydrogen electrolysis systems are ready and can respond rapidly … » More …

Genii UAV highlighted in DOE’s 2013 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report

The DOE’s 2013 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report discusses emerging trends in the hydrogen fuel cell industry. Genii is one of two technologies highlighted in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) section of the report:  Way to go team!

Incidentally, it is the only mention of the State of Washington in the entire report (aside from Neah Power’s address).

H2 Fuel Station Mentioned in Alaska Airlines Magazine

The award winning hydrogen fuel station designed by Ian Richardson, Jake Fisher and Dr. Jake Leachman was mentioned in the latest version of Alaska Airline’s Magazine.  The excerpt is available here on page 34 or is provided bellow.

“In May, a team comprising WSU students and one University of Idaho student-involved in academic tracks ranging from mechanical engineering to economics and public policy-won first place in an international student competition to design a transportable, stand-alone, economical refueling station for hydrogen fuel cell-power cars, whose use may help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”