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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab ME316 Spring 2015

Cloud Final Design

Final Design




Ultimately, we scrapped the 3 preliminary designs we came up with due to lack of synergy with the other Machinescape subassemblies, and the requirement for a chain drive to run the original designs also made these undesirable, as the clouds would be 10 feet in the air above the closest sprocket of the drive train system.

For the final design we opted for a child’s mobile design with inflatable clouds driven by recycled computer fans. We also rewired a old desktop computer power supply to provide the power necessary to drive the fans. This design allowed us to run the cloud system without taping into the power train, simplifying their job. One of the benefits to running this system with computer fans was the ability for the fans to not only inflate, but also to push the whole assembly around, which we found the fans did so almost too well.

Future Improvements and Recommendations:

  • Change the fan size to adjust the amount of spin they exert on the assembly.
  • Clean up the wiring job to make them safer and more discreet.
  • Replace the fishing wire suspending the system and add fishing swivel joints to allow an unrestricted 360 degree spin
Washington State University