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Structure idea 3 ME316 Spring 2015

Structure Preliminary Designs

Design and Process

Design Parameters:

  • Design a structure that provides support to all the subsystems.
  • Positioning subsystems in the mechinescape setting. Mount the necessary subsystems in place for stablility when the mechinescape run.
  • The structure is necessary to be designed for transportation purpose. The structure need to be detachable and easy to construct.

Structure Idea 1






The stage is made of repurposed bed frames. The support structures can be attached on the wooden or matel beams of the bed frames. Most of the bed frames including wheels, which can be used for transportation.

The backdrop that used for background of the mechinescape envroniment is made by hanging blankets which draped over  a moveable clothes rack.


  • “where the Wild Things Are” theme
  • Repurposed materials
  • Beds have wheels


  • Limited selection

Structure Idea 2



Stage is made of lunch tables. The ideal type is luch table with bench that is used in school. The support structures can be added and the different height of surface meet the need of the mechinescape setting.

the back drop is a clothespins hold canvas and ted around poles.


  • Eeaily transportable
  • Pre-built koints near table center
  • Repurposed material


  • Hard to find
  • Expensive if buying straight out
  • Clothesline needs to be in tension

Structure Idea 3



In this design, there is no golobal structure. Sub-components have their own specific structure, or the structure is built based on each subsystems design. The Focus is solely on assembly. The idea is to canvas in a wood frame and rafters support other subsystems


  • Simplifies total system
  • Allows our group to assist others
  • Inexpensive
  • Completely modular


  • Manual labor
  • Lack of repurposed materials
Washington State University