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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab ME316 Spring 2015

Sun Final Design

Final Design

sun final render

sun final prototype

The final prototype of the sun most closely resembles the mechanical arm option first presented. A flywheel is driven by a shaft that is connected via a sprocket to the drive train system. A wooden arm is connected to the flywheel. As the flywheel turns the wooden arm takes on a piston motion. This piston motion is what drives the arm that holds a light bulb to rise and set. At the base of the arm holding the light bulb is a light dimmer switch. A string pulley system is situated on the dimmer switch such that as the arm is raised and lowered the dimmer switch brightens and dims the light. So, as the flywheel turns, the light has the effect of a rising and setting.

Future Improvements and Recommendations

  • If the sun is centered on the scene, we will likely need to mirror the arm and provide a pin support on the other side to reduce the torque on the set up.
  • The dimmer switch used lacked a wide range of light allowance, a more precise dimmer switch would create a more realistic effect.
  • The sprocket size could be adjusted to allow for longer or shorter cycles.
Washington State University