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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab ME316 Spring 2015

Tree Final Design

Final Design

Tree Final









Initial Final Design:

For the final design, the PVC trees were chosen along with the pulley system to rotate the trees.

Design Modifications:

  • Recycled wind tunnel fans will be used as the spinning bases for the trees.
  • Simplify tree design to a more ‘Charlie Brown’ style of tree in order to simplify the build and to reduce cost.
  • Switched material to cardboard tubing that was available for free. Also reduces weight compared to the PVC.
  • Trees will be configured into groups of 3 that are all driven by a single belt with gears connecting each group and reducing the speed of the sequential tree groups.

Finalized Design:

Tree Base Part DrawingTree Part Drawing


The prototype is of the group of tallest trees that would sit next to the input system on the right side. The belt for the trees is a polyurethane tube that was available to us for free. The trees would not stay vertical over the base while spinning, so a top support was need to keep the trees vertical. The loud noise created while the trees are spinning is due to the cardboard trees rubbing against the plastic fans that they are rotating on. Only one tree group was made due to time constraints, so the gear reduction system is not represented in our prototype.

Future Improvements:

  • Change the spinning base of the trees to something more stable so a top support will not be needed.
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