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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab Dr. Jacob Leachman

Safety best comes in layers

The HYPER lab deals with the most flammable, highest energy, and most extreme gases in the universe. We have a Strangelove of safety (see the link below). Please read this primer that outlines our safety philosophy: Let’s Talk About Safety

In short, we have four layers that we work through:

1. General lab safety supporting WSU wide policies and procedures and encouraged through our weekly lab community meetings.

2. Topic specific training: Cryogenics, Flammable Gases, Vacuum Chambers, High Pressure Gases, Electrical.

3. Equipment specific training: C3PO, CHEF, TITAN, Indium Extruder, Manual Mill, Cold-saw, Orbital-TIG welder.

4. Project specific safety and FMEA worksheet: HYPER lab Project Safety Checklist

Plenty more material is available on the safety posts on the lab website in the next tab.

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