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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab Dr. Jacob Leachman

System Integration


From Left: Bashir, Idris, Sulaiman, Richard, Matt
Our mission is Combining unrelated things in an organized fashion. In other words, integrate all systems in efficient way. In order to combine all systems in fashion way, our group have come by three solutions:
1) Bosh Tubing
2) Shelving
3) Welding


Bosch Tubing:

Bosch’s aluminum structural framing.Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.00.37 PM
 We were looking to for an adaptable system to help us with organize and integrate the other systems and we stopped on bosch tubing. bosch tubing is a very adaptable structural framing which is made of Aluminum. Aluminum reduces heat conductivity which makes this system somehow safer than shelving. It also has higher corrosion resistance than steel Aluminum also is light weighted, but it supports heavy weights. A piece of (30 x 30mm) can support 0.538 lb per foot. However bosch tubing is costly. a piece with dimension of (30 x 30mm) cost $3.37 per foot and a piece with dimensions of (45 x 45mm) cost $5.64 per foot. It is hard to assemble. which will make the maintenance process harder.


Shelving: Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 4.04.09 PM

Flat Horizontal planes supported by brackets.
Shelving is a flexible way when it comes to spacing. it is very easy to assemble a shelving unit which means it will be easy and fast to maintain it. the installation cost is $300-$800 per shelf. the heavy duty steel shelving can support up to 4 tons per shelf. however steel conducts heat and it is not as safe as Bosch Tubing. 



A way to make high strength joints between two or more parts. 
To vary our options, we considered welding as our third option to work with. welding is cheaper than bosh tubing and shelving. It also can support heavy loads as well as the other options. however, welding is fixed and not as safe as the other two options.




After deep research, system integration team decided to use Bosch Tubing in their mission because the clients Preferred Bosch Tubing over the other two options. Bosch Tubing also is the most suitable option to combine the other systems.



Here are the parts we are going to use and their prices:

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 7.19.30 PM



We will be working with all other teams to ensure that we have each space set up so that each sub system can work properly.

Bosch Tubing Frame Build

“How to” create a Bosch tube Frame



 Started and Finished April 28, 2016

Cutting Bosch Tubes


Placing Bosch Tubes


Placing Gussets to hold tubes into place

IMG_0179 IMG_0172

Gusset Check


Completed Bosch Tube Framing

IMG_0189 IMG_0188 IMG_0185


Washington State University