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H2-Refuel Usability

System Operation/Training

  • In order to insure safety and ease of use, the fueling stations users will be prompted with an instructional video upon there first time using the station. After the first time watching the video, a pin code will be provided. That pin code gives repeat users the option to bypass the instructional video and lets the station know the user has been trained. The instructional video will walk the user through all of the steps required to safely refuel their vehicle along with how to properly respond to potential hazardous situations. The interface will give an option for automatic shutoff in the case that the user notices that the system is malfunctioning. This shutoff will prompt a series of functions that will ensure the safety of the car and the hydrogen unit.
  •  The maintenance staff however will be required to meet with the engineers on site so they can receive a full walk through of all the stations systems. They must also understand the necessary SAE regulations for the station and maintenance. The PLC will have sensors designed to easily detect any malfunction in the system. If a malfunction is detected, maintenance workers will receive and automatic notification immediately. A detailed log of users fueling will be logged for station security along with a log of all maintenance that can be used as reference for future purposes.
Washington State University