The Cryogenics Society of America recently issued a call for “greatest wishes” from members. Here are 3:

1) For the national academies to release a report emphasizing the importance of cryogenics to national security (similar to their report on the need for plasma science). This report needs to emphasize the importance of training engineers with cryogenic design expertise. I keep getting phone calls from companies and labs desperate to hire someone that’s trained and domestic, but have no one to recommend.
2) Small-modular hydrogen liquefaction with efficiency better than 30 % of carnot. This would kick-start the US hydrogen economy, which will almost totally rely on cryogenics for the first two decades. This will also reaffirm the importance of cryogenics with the general public.
3) This is minor but important. If we need to grow the field of cryogenics for the betterment of the US, then we need to increase access to publications. Creating an “open access” conference proceedings would allow this to happen. Or at the very least, and this is self-serving, for the CEC proceedings to have an option for submission in a pear reviewed journal, not a conference proceedings (it’s important for us academics!!). At the very least, review the proceedings and ‘award’ some submissions with full journal publication or open access.