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Hydrogen and Cryogenics Cool. Fuel.



Dr. Leachman teaches a variety of classes. Check out this page to see his class notes, thoughts, discussions, and more.


ME 301 Thermodynamics

“The Laws of the Universe. Once you know entropy, it’s irreversible.”


ME 406 Experimental Design

“A historical staple of the WSU ME curriculum requiring operation of ‘real-world’ machinery typical of mechanical engineering.”


ME 415 Systems Design

Rethink the impossible in this class as you learn the engineering design process.


ME 483 Rocket Design

Ever wondered how rockets are designed? Look no further.


ME 516 Macroscale Heat Transfer

“Solutions to Heat Transfer problems that are relevant, credible, efficient.”


ME 527 Macroscale Thermodynamics

A rigorous review of Thermodynamic Law, the structure of thermophysical properties, and entropy and energy optimization.