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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab Dr. Jacob Leachman

CRyogenic Accelerated Fatigue Testing (CRAFT)

The HYPER lab has designed the first fully electric load frame capable of simulating tension, compression, and fatigue tests of polymeric materials. Dubbed the CRyogenic Accelerated Fatigue Tester (CRAFT), this system will be capable of testing coupons in liquid hydrogen (20 K), liquid nitrogen (77 K), or liquid helium (4 K) environments, with the latter charged as a service center premium.

Once completed, the HYPER lab plans to offer services for interested parties for a variety of materials.

Testing Dimensions for CRAFT:

Test Cell Dimensions –

Radius – 1.125″

Height – 9″

Volume – 35.78″ (0.57 liters)

CRAFT is capable of accommodating a variety of specimen dimensions. At this time the HYPER Lab is interested in testing coupons of the following dimensions, adapted from ASTM D638 Type IV tensile specimens.

Coupon Dimensions (Note: Dimensions are in inches):

If you or your company are interested, please contact Dr. Jacob Leachman at

— Expected completion: Summer 2020 —

Washington State University