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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab Lab Facilities and Capabilities

Cubic Cryogenic Chamber (C3)

The first cryostat of the lab, the Cubic Cryo Chamber (CCC) was inspired by modular cryostat designs in the Pellet Fueling of Fusion Plasmas group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The general utility of CCC is awesome, as exemplified by the diversity of experiments it has completed over the years.

C3 is a steel vacuum chamber designed to be easily configurable for cryogenic experiments. The chamber itself is a cube shape comprised of 6 square, 26 inch, steel walls (~17500 in3) with a hole in each to allow access from any side as well as customization for future experiments. Circular steel coverings are made for each individual hole and can be customized with extra holes to adapt to any experimental needs. We can design and machine these to serve our individual purposes, such as including viewing ports for optical information, or holes to serve as ports for our vacuum pump, cryocooler, and various other needed components. Currently 4 of the 6 plates are whole and only act as coverings. The plate on one side has a hole where the vacuum pump systems hook into the chamber. The plate on top has two holes, one for mounting the cryocooler, and one for wiring and fluid passthroughs. You can see the cold head on the inside to the right, one half of the copper radiation shield in the background, and a previous test set up in the chamber, a twin screw extruder.

As currently set-up, the chamber has:


IMAG0199IMAG0155IMAG0154IMAG0153IMAG0198IMAG0194 IMAG0157

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