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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Cool. Fuel.


Cool. Fuel.

Hydrogen’s Potential

From the production of agricultural fertilizers to the refinement of petroleum and food products; from cryogenic liquid, gel, slush, and high pressure fueling of automotive vehicles to drones and deep space rockets; from fusion energy machines to antimatter; the number of potential uses for hydrogen is perhaps only matched by the number of ways it can be stored and produced.

Cryogenics is the study of matter at temperatures below 130 Kelvin (-225°F). It’s literally the coolest. People often want to work in space, defense, clean energy, fusion energy, and quantum computing but never realize that each of these fields rely on cryogenic engineering. Cryogenics + Hydrogen? Now that’s hard. You’ll be amazed at what we’re working to achieve.


Learn more about Hydrogen and Cryogenics.


Project Showcase


Cryogenic Accelerated Fatigue Testing

The HYPER lab has designed the first fully electric load frame capable of simulating tension, compression, and fatigue tests of polymeric materials.



Lightweight 3D-printed LH2 Tank

The objective of this innovative research is to demonstrate the cryogenic compatibility of 3D printed polymers.



Renovating the HYPER site

HYPER’s Core Team has been working to revamp this website. Learn more about our process.




Cryogenic Rubotherm Isosorp

The TITAN cryostat was named after Ian Richardson completed measurements simulating the seas on the moon of Saturn. TITAN is our cryostat for precision thermophysical property measurements.

What We Do

Want to learn more about the COOL research we do at HYPER? Watch the video below to see some of the projects we’re working on and some of the HYPER students and staff working on them!

Learn More

The steps HYPER is taking towards its goals, the facilities available for our use, and the facilities available for future research.