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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Tiffani Provo
Tiffani Provo 2019

Tiffani Provo

HYPER Lab Manager Summer 2019


I bring a different perspective to work flow as the HYPER Lab Manager. Prior to joining the HYPER Lab, I had been working as a licensed Nurse for nine years. My experience as Manager of Clinical Practice and the act of professional nursing is often referred to as case or patient management. My work in home health gave me valuable experience managing business and the professionals who provide home care to the residents of the Palouse. Program development and management have been my most recent work experience, working for the SEL Health Clinic as Care Coordinator. There I assisted in the development and implementation of the the Care Coordination Program alongside the wonderful health care team at SEL. The skills of prioritizing, delegating, time management, and organizing required as a Nurse can be readily transferred to managing projects, experiments, and tests.  My role as HYPER Lab Manager helps me to further grow these skills. I strive to develop and support systems that improve team productivity and functionality. I am excited to work with the outstanding faculty and students who contribute to making the HYPER lab a successful program.

I am a returning WSU alumni. I have been living in Pullman since 2013 with my husband and two sons. I enjoy living on the Palouse for many reasons. Some of my family’s favorite things to do on the Palouse include hiking and boating on the Snake river. I feel very blessed to be raising my family in such a wonderful community.

In the fall of 2019 my family found out we would be transferred to the SEL Boise campus. To summarize my six months in HYPER, I’d say the following: HYPER introduced me to lean manufacturing on a new level. I was given the opportunity to help develop a new system for storage and inventory using my previous experience. My contribution can be seen in the physical set up of the lab. I believe I made a positive contribution in the relations between HYPER and purchasing and managed to out line instructions for the next lab manager. I would work with HYPER in the future. I have enjoyed my time with HYPER and appreciate its members!