It is my pleasure to announce that the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust has awarded our H2-Refuel team a $60k (+$60k WSU match) Commercialization Gap award to prototype and commercialize our hydrogen fueling station concept. The Program Director, Dr. Moses Lee, specifically stated:

“This grant will be made to Washington State University in honor of the late President Floyd. He was a great and well-regarded man who has done tremendous service to WSU and the State. His vision and legacy will live on. The Trust and our Trustees thought our support of this excellent project is a good way to honor him.”

This builds on support from the Washington Research Foundation ($20k) and the Light Air Mobile Shelter (LAMS) unit ($80k) from Insitu, Inc.

President Floyd’s impact on my research is incredible. It was his student achievement fund that directly enabled the Genii liquid hydrogen fueled UAV project 4 years ago. Although that project has been over for 2 years now, it was ultimately the catalyst for this work and I’m sure much more to come. Thank you M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and the WSU Office of Commercialization, Office of Research, and Interim President Bernardo for making this grant possible. We’ve got the legacy of a phenomenal human being to honor.