Follow these steps to change the DI water in the cryo-cooler cooling loop every 6 months, and the filter every 12 months. Remember: a happy cryo-cooler means a happy researcher!

To change the water:

  1. Open drain valve to allow water to drain into floor drain. Use a hose to make sure that water flows down drain. (warning: make sure water goes ONLY into a drain or water damage to lower rooms may occur)
    1. Allow line to drain till water is no longer continuously flowing (pump may be turned on to ensure all water is vacated)
  2. Close drain valve
  3. Change water filter while water is vacated from system
  4. Fill cooling water loop with de-ionized (DI) water from fill port on top of Jet Pump
    1. Pull DI water into system by putting a hose connected to supply side of pump into DI water holding container
    2. Allow return tube (normally connected into supply side of pump) to vent to DI water holding container until constant stream of water returns to ensure that air from the system has been removed.
    3. Turn off pump
  5. Reconnect all lines
  6. Run for 15 minutes to check for leaks
  7. Mark down maintenance date and actions performed on data sheet