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Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal’s resolution passed on September 29th 2015 designating today, 10/08, as National Hydrogen Fuel Cell Day! Hydrogen’s atomic weight is 1.00794 atomic mass units. When rounded we arrive at 1.008. More information on today’s celebration is here:

Some thoughts from the Department of Energy to consider today include:

  1. More than 215 FCEVs traveled 6 million miles in more than 500,000 trips, and 31 FCEV fueling stations completed more than 52,000 refuelings.
  2. Over the past few months, Hyundai and Toyota both introduced their FCEVs, on track with the plans for early commercialization by 2015. Several other companies also plan to release FCEVs very soon including Honda, GM, Daimler, and BMW.
  3. And, the Energy Department has helped fund the deployment of more than 1,600 fuel cells in forklifts and emergency power for cell phone towers. The success of these installations has led to an additional 13,000 fuel cells on order or in use without any Energy Department funding.

Join us in building the first fueling station in Washington State!