Carl Bunge has set the bar VERY high on entrances to the HYPER lab.

After starting undergraduate research in the lab this last fall as a senior, he just found out he will be awarded a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (NSTRF) to begin graduate studies in the Fall of 2016. Carl’s undergraduate work was with HYPER graduate student Ian Richardson, who was the first NSTRF recipient at WSU and has had the fellowship for the last two years. Carl’s research topic will be extension of the Heisenberg Vortex tube for in-space cooling of liquid hydrogen tanks.

The NSTRF is the most prestigious graduate fellowship offered by NASA and comes with ~$70,000/year for both salary and research. Carl will also get to spend up to two summers conducting research at one of the NASA centers. As stated in the review summary of his application:

The candidate has excellent academic credentials, has a demonstrated history of curiosity and motivation for space applications, has very relevant experience for the proposed effort, and has presented an interesting idea with real applicability to NASA. The proposed research effort is challenging but achievable within the proposed timeframe. The applicant’s letters of reference strongly support his capability to successfully complete this effort. The academic institution has an strong existing program and facility to provide guidance and support.

Carl was recently featured in WSU News. Congratulations Carl and WELCOME!!!