We’ve got just 5 hours left on our Giving Tuesday campaign. You can follow along live here: https://cougsgive.wsu.edu/giving-day/616/department/905

As of 6:45 the official total we’ve raised is $5,900!! I’m so humbled by the community support of our lab and students! Thank you very, very much!

What this number doesn’t show is the $5,000 in match pledged by the Hesterbergs. Their support of student education in clean energy is heart warming.

I also was just informed by an incredible organization that they are arranging the donation of a large hydrogen electrolyzer for the project. These can easily cost up to $30,000! This will be a key addition to the project and lab.

Here’s more updates from the Tweet storm:

Tunneling isn’t the only quantum magic trick #hydrogen has up it’s sleeve!

All #hydrogen molecules have 2 separable forms: para and orthohydrogen that commonly exist 1:3 called normal hydrogen.

Para #hydrogen says to 3 orthohydrogens: “What are you afraid of?” – “The Paranormal?”

In the HYPER lab we manipulate ortho & para #hydrogen. That’s taking #gaslighting to a whole new level!

This led us to invent the #heisenbergvortex, the first device to utilize ortho-para phase change directly for liquefaction.

We’re currently testing the #heisenbergvortex in our Cryocatalysis Hydrogen Experiment Facility (CHEF).

To commemorate the occasion, while supplies last, donors will receive this very limited edition ortho-para #hydrogen tree ornament:


We are now out of the ortho-para #hydrogen tree ornaments.

Hey @BlueOrigin , we were so inspired by your #LH2 #NewShepard that we renamed our retrofitted CHEF #NewCHEFard

An aside, 5 of the first 7 HYPER lab grads are now employed @BlueOrigin. Thank you for the confidence @jeffbezos

Turns out that -421°F, wavelike, combustible, fluid #engineering takes serious chops.

“To understand hydrogen is to understand all of physics.”-Victor Weisskopf

Here’s a shot of the plumbing manifold that HYPER student @spignot just completed for CHEF: #serious #engineering


Listen #America, @WSUhydrogen could be fixing your toilets or your #energyfuture, it’s up to you https://cougsgive.wsu.edu/giving-day/616/department/905 #GoCougs


The #hydrogen ion screamed with might, complete the circuit! I want to make light! #FuelCells

I can honestly say, yes, this is !

… or at the very least, drone science. How about taking a ride?


is the first drone built be a university. We did it for $20k. We’re getting there! Awesome Genii vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Po2GFbqCDyk

Hey how about a RT for research and training? We’ve got two NSTRF winners in !

We’re very thankful to Paul Laufman for his donation. A alumnus, he co-founded United Paradyne, which provided  to the shuttle!

member Patrick Adam plays a good Steve Jobs. He spun out as the 1st lab startup company. More to come.


member Ian Richardson crushed the 2014 Hydrogen Student contest and will soon change how we process fuel.


member Carl Bunge works on the liquid hydrogen tanks in CHEF. Carl is brilliant. The world needs more like him.


Example, the lab safety poster Carl and Amanda Bye made that is one of the thank you gifts for donating.


Or this lab theme poster made by freshman Kacie Salmon. Also a gift. Each column is a riddle about .


Here’s the Innovation for Sustainable Energy Club that your donations will help.


Need more ? Modern art by . This is an actual component in CHEF, although I’m not sure what for.


Let me say, with such students in , the future of is uplifting… bright… energetic… cool…

In 2nd behind for . As a former Div 1 football player, I gave a TED-x talk about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1qtXOVcXZg

I knew had made it when we changed the campus skyline. Our new vent atop the Engineering Teaching and Research Lab.


from the DOE Safety Panel came by the lab today to investigate. He heard we were lighting it up on .



PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: #Hydrogen #FuelCells are NOT cellular organisms, especially stem cells.

#Fuelcell simply split #hydrogen molecules and remove electrons to create electricity enroute to forming water with #oxygen.

The state of states #hydrogen #fuelcells report shows 11,000 fuel cell powered forklifts. Yay! @plugpower @spokane.

I normally don’t personify technologies, but when I do, I prefer ‘cool-cells’ to ‘fool-cells’.

Think we just need battery electric vehicles? Think again. We need #H2FCEV too! https://hydrogen.wsu.edu/2016/11/04/a-response-to-toyota-vs-tesla-can-hydrogen-fuel-cell-vehicles-compete-with-electric-vehicles/

It’s up to you https://cougsgive.wsu.edu/giving-day/616/department/905 #GoCougs #WA_state #Seattle