Phrases I’m thankful for extracted from the reference letters I’ve written for the lab over the years:

“the quiet type that finishes everything they started.”

“I soon discovered that the majority of our recent hires applied because of them.”

“They quickly became a go-to member who could be relied upon.”

“They knew how to ask the types of questions that really engaged me.”

“Instead of asking for direction, they proposed paths and requested feedback.”

“They demonstrated continuous improvement by posting a plan, then improving on the plan for others.”

“They often saved time via quick calculations before heading to the lab.”

“Asked whether they are more inclined towards advancing through increasing sophistication or evolution, the answer is both depending on context.”

“They were not afraid of failure, it was part of the plan, and they learned from those failures.”

“I have no concerns about their motivation due to their passion and drive to persevere through tough challenges.”

“They made contributions not only to their assigned project, but to the general lab community.”

“I have no reservations regarding their abilities to contribute to your organization and field with the nothing but the highest level of professionalism.”

“the type of person you build communities around.”

“They made everyone around them better.”

Thank you to those current and former HYPER lab members (and those who support us) who continue to inspire and motivate me on a daily basis.