The entirety of our beautiful universe is underpinned by physical law.

Only one of those laws places limits on the possible: the second law of thermodynamics — the entropy, or disorder of the universe, must increase.

That’s it.

That’s the only universal regulator.

I’m here today to teach you how little is really impossible.

To ask you to turn off the opinions, the haters, the pundits, the gatekeepers.

To remind you that we are nowhere close to having it all figured out.

To demand you keep asking questions until you no longer find answers.

To keep you looking until you find how no one else has.

To help you learn what you can do.

Then invite you back to creating.

To begin what no one knew was needed.

To do what no one proved impossible.

To show that improvement is always possible.

To show that the limit of one is the beginning for another.

To find the waste of one is opportunity for another.

To know you can make a different future.

To teach us something freakishly awesome.

To realize the value of you.

Because humanity needs you.