We use HYPER- as a prefix for a reason, we’re rapidly changing. What started in 2010 as the first and only cryogenic hydrogen research lab in US academia is expanding into the first cryogenic hydrogen research center in the world. Why the change? New HYPER faculty and staff.

New Faculty

Professor Konstantin Matveev has joined HYPER as a faculty affiliate. Konstantin’s expertise is fluid-surface phenomena that he investigates using experimental, reduced order modeling, and computational fluid dynamics techniques. Two-phase hydrogen is notoriously difficult. Konstantin has previous experience with cryogenics having completed a post-doc at Los Alamos on thermoacoustic cryocooler systems.

The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at WSU has hired, and is continuing to hire, new faculty members in HYPER relevant areas of hydrogen, aerospace, and nuclear energy. MME plans to hire two faculty this spring in this area with the position announcement to be updated here soon. Stay tuned as more MME faculty begin cool fuel research with HYPER.

New Staff

HYPER is adding to our Staff team of Mark Parsons (Administrator), and P.K. Northcutt II (Composer), with an Engineering Technician. Please apply at this link.

Depending on the success of a record number of grant applications currently in review, HYPER is likely to add several more staff later this fall and spring. We’re supposed to hear back within the next few months so stay tuned.

The all new HYPER

HYPER is hardly recognizable from just a few years ago with our new teams in our new research space. Reach out (jacob.leachman@wsu.edu) if you have questions and interest in joining our HYPER Center! Tell your friends. Thank you for your support!