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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Lab Facilities and Capabilities

ETRL 221

Engineering Teaching and Research Laboratory (ETRL) 221


Since the fall of 2010, ETRL 221 has been home to the HYdrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab. As the name implies, this research lab focuses on utilizing hydrogen for energy applications with an emphasis on cryogenic (liquid and solid) hydrogen. Along with numerous modeling capabilities, the HYPER lab currently has three experimental systems set up to run various cryogenic hydrogen experiments ranging from extruding solid hydrogen to conducting liquid hydrogen density and sorption measurements. The research applications vary dramatically from fueling fusion tokamaks like ITER, to characterizing rocket fuels, to designing and prototyping liquid hydrogen fuel tanks for Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs). Currently ETRL 221 is functioning as one of two dedicated test spaces.


ETRL Setup from early 2010s to 2019.

A bottle closet delivery system with NFPA 2 approved orifice flow limiter is now able to deliver low pressure hydrogen to experiments within ETRL 221 for increased safety.

ETRL as of January 2020.