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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab Dr. Jacob Leachman

Kacie Salmon F19

My Story

Growing up in Spokane, Washington, I would say the most defining element of my early life were motorcycles. Riding since I was six, I was used to being into traditionally ‘boy things’. When I got older, I joined robotics and starting looking to aerospace and there was no going back from there. I knew engineering was the ticket for me.

I chose to attend WSU because of the research opportunities. I actually met with Jake Leachman before starting my freshman year asking him to join his lab. I began working in the HYPER lab in Fall 2015, but was a very short lived technical assistant as the project I was assisting came to a halt for external reasons. Since then I have worked in assisting lab operations, bettering lab spaces, making art even! And most recently I have been working on a team conducting tensile testing on polymers at cryogenic temperatures.

Washington State University