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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Kacie Salmon

Kacie Salmon S19

Kacie Salmon

Hi! My name is Kacie Salmon, and I am an undergraduate who has been involved in the HYPER lab since Fall 2015. I am a local from Spokane, and grew up around dirt bikes and muscle cars. When I reached high school, interest in cars and bikes developed into interest in planes and rockets. And from there I dove straight into engineering!

I chose to attend WSU because I knew I wanted to get into research and get a feel for the work as quick as possible. I actually met with Jake Leachman before starting my freshman year to ask him to join his lab. I began working in the HYPER lab that fall, but was a very short lived technical assistant because the project I was assisting came to a halt for external reasons. Over the years, I have worked in assisting lab operations, bettering lab spaces, making art even! I also worked with a team to develop and conduct tensile testing plans on 3D printed polymers at cryogenic temperatures and have experience running the Cryocatalysis Hydrogen Experiment Facility (CHEF) in assistance of Carl Bunge running vortex tube testing.

Since joining the lab, my interest in cryogenics has only grown. Last summer, I had the pleasure of interning at Raytheon’s Space and Airborne Systems. There, I became familiar with space hardware test procedures and the role of test directors for optical satellite hardware, as well as assisted in the assembly of an inline compact cryocooler.

Currently, I am designing a new test plan that will combine my focused interests of cryocoolers with the past experience I have testing additive manufactured material properties!

Kacie Salmon – Resume