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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab Dr. Jacob Leachman

Mathew Hunt – Hunting for a Sustainable Future

Hello all! As an undergraduate, it has been around a year since I have been involved in the HYPER lab, yet I feel as if I have been here for many more! My story in the lab began as a tour through the Voiland College of Engineering as a transfer student in the fall of 2016, discovering if research was right for me. Within minutes of stepping into Dr. Leachman’s lab, I was challenged. Instead of being “shown” what the lab was about, those of us on the tour were invited to discover what HYPER was. Like the sucker I am, I was enthralled by Jake’s way of engaging students.

It wasn’t long before I became a member of HYPER. My experience in the lab has allowed me to grow tremendously, both professionally and personally. The culture established by Dr. Leachman has allowed me the freedom to pursue personal growth, while asking questions with the confidence of receiving a thoughtful and valuable answer. I look forward to pursuing further research in cryogenics and hydrogen energy while wrapping up my first academic paper with the lab. Check out more of my page while I take you through my early beginnings and my current research here in HYPER!



Washington State University