I initiated the HYdrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) laboratory in the school of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Washington State University. I started the HYPER lab in August of 2010 to meet a growing national need for expertise in cryogenic hydrogen in many fields; aerospace, nuclear energy, and clean energy technologies being only a few of the fields. We’ve had an award filled and exemplary start to the laboratory and my goal is to tell that story through ongoing posts and content uploads.

The final motivation for moving my lab’s story to this website was Jason Priem’s commentary in Nature, “Scholarship: Beyond the Paper.”  As he stated so well in “The Future” section of the piece:

“Today’s publication silos will be replaced by a set of decentralized, interoperable services that are built on a core infrastructure of open data and evolving standards — like the Web itself… As the former constituents of the article — data, tables, figures, reference lists and so on — fracture and dissolve into the fluid Web, they will leave behind the core of the article: the story. Authors will create these stories like blog posts: lean, fast and heavily reliant on the published tools, data and analyses of the entire community.”

Here’s to working with all of you to write some very good stories of our research for many years to come.

Jake Leachman