At the 18th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties Eric Lemmon and Vince Arp had a presentation on the Gruneisen (Γ) and Phase Identification Parameter (Π) as useful properties for fitting Equations of State. In that talk they showed a slide titled “The Thermodynamic Property Tree”:Thermodynamic Property Tree

The exact origins of the tree are unknown and this was the first version I’ve personally seen. Unlike our Christmas trees that are ready to come down, this tree is just beginning. For example, the Helmholtz Free Energy (A) at the top is actually at the same level as the Gibbs Free Energy (G, not shown above) and an entirely different branch can be derived for the tree. The real top of the tree, a relationship connecting A with G, could also connect the transport property branch with thermal conductivity and viscosity.

Anyways, lots of rich understanding embedded here. And if we’re lucky, we may even find and Easter egg by Easter in the form of a serious discovery. Everyone in Macroscale Thermodynamics (ME/ChE 527) next spring knows what tree they’ll be decorating all semester.