WSU Engineering Librarian Chelsea Leachman and I wrote a paper for the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Conference in New Orleans titled, “Modification of the House of Quality to Assess Information Gaps during Quality Function Deployment of Engineering Design.” The paper discusses how we modified a common engineering design tool to naturally facilitate the literature review process. We subsequently tested the technique in my Systems Design class.

It was announced earlier today that the poster we submitted (shown below) won the Best Poster Award for the Engineering Librarys Division (ELD) of the ASEE conference. We’re now up to three most outstanding poster awards, including Patrick Adam’s from JCATI, and Ian Richardson and Jake Fisher’s on the fueling station. In short, the Rules for Engineering Communication hold true: 1. Relevance, 2. Credibility, 3. Efficiency. People tend to only have the attention span to understand one complex visual that is the point of a poster; however, we tend to smatter our posters with many disconnected visual “islands”. Our approach to developing posters seems to be effective.