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The Down Under on Liam Turner: HYPER’s New Fullbright Scholar

Despite vast geographical distance, The U.S. and Australia have enjoyed over 80 years of strong diplomatic relations.

80 Years of mutual understanding and camaraderie.

80 years of research collaborations and expertise sharing.

The long history of research collaborations between the U.S. and Australia has continued through Fulbright foreign exchange scholars, who conduct research exchange across the U.S. with other participating countries including Australia.

Fulbright exchange partnerships are more than just research projects, they present the opportunity for:

• exchanging research cultures between countries

• Launching technology development through identifying technology use cases globally,

• Fostering long term relations and trust between host and exchange organizations … » More …

Lunar Dust and Dolls: Developing a Technological Breakthrough in Interstellar Fashion

The Moon, an ashen Sahara marked with impact craters. As we look to the skies and observe the bright face of this celestial body, we marvel at the feats of engineering and perseverance that landed the first humans on its surface.


Images of astronauts fumbling around as they struggle to function in lunar gravity sometimes resemble that of children playing in a sandpit, serving as evidence of success in Apollo 11’s primary objective: perform a crewed lunar landing and return to Earth. However, the face of the Moon is no playground and certainly not as innocuous as a child’s sandbox. In fact, it … » More …