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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Cool. Fuel.

HYPER Lab Manager: Mark Parsons

Starting winter 2019, I’m happy to say that I will begin my new position as the lab manager for the HYPER lab here at WSU. I have been with the university for 11 years as a Procurement Specialist specializing in laboratory and life science supplies. Prior to that I was employed at a local jewelry shop where I specialized in repairs for watches, clocks and jewelry. By utilizing my expertise in procurement, contract management, public relations, and current WSU systems it is my task to assist the HYPER lab in achieving it’s research goals. Additionally, I want to develop skills and gain knowledge in the engineering field so that I might be a part of the HYPER lab mission in a more meaningful way.

What the HYPER lab is accomplishing in the field of hydrogen research is truly exciting. I consider myself very fortunate to be apart of it.