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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Cool. Fuel.


Thermal Fluids Research Building (TFRB) Suite 113

TFRB 001



The HYPER lab annexed TFRB suite 113 in 2013 to house a major donation of hydrogen embrittlement testing equipment from NASA Marshall. Suite 113 is immediately below the green passive roof


in the above picture. The primary space is outlined on the above floor plan and includes several office and work spaces, in addition to a large attic space for storage. We have plans, and verbal approval, to annex the parking area in front of suite 113 to install a louvered roof area for outdoor hydrogen testing. Suite 113 has a total of 5000 square feet with a high-bay and 10 ton jib crane, shown in the images below.




With the passive roof vent, cinder-block wall construction, and steam heat, Suite 113 is amenable to hydrogen or large scale helium liquefaction. The artist renderings below were completed by Pat Fromme, an architecture and mechanical engineering student at the University of Idaho, he was also a member of the 2014 hydrogen student design team and came up with the wonderful cover art for the report.



One potential development path involves construction of the hydrogen fueling station outside and adjacent to TFRB 113. Another development path includes construction of a helium reclamation and recycling facility in TFRB 113 to recycle the nearly $200,000 worth of helium that WSU vents to outer space every year. In short, TFRB 113 has the space and potential to be a world class hydrogen and cryogenics testing facility that will set WSU apart from other university capabilities. If you’d like to help realize TFRB 113, please contact Jacob Leachman.

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Most HYPER Employees use the TFRB facility. Learn more about the people of HYPER.