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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Cool. Fuel.

Genii UAV highlighted in DOE’s 2013 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report

The DOE’s 2013 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report discusses emerging trends in the hydrogen fuel cell industry. Genii is one of two technologies highlighted in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) section of the report:  Way to go team!

Incidentally, it is the only mention of the State of Washington in the entire report (aside from Neah Power’s address).

The only thing loony about Google’s project Loon is the helium.

Google’s project Loon  may be our best chance at saving the planet. Free access to humanity’s collective knowledge will do more than anything to assist those in 3rd world countries to help themselves,, and to inform those of us in the 1st world how bad things really are. The irony of Loon may be the “Balloon-powered” part of the “internet for all” slogan.

The balloons used in Loon are inflated with helium, yes the same gas filling in your party balloons, that is truly a depleting planetary resource. Helium cannot be created by any process besides nuclear reactions, in the sun or deep in the earth, and has escape velocity. … » More …