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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Cool. Fuel.

Cold Saw Use Did You Know

Cold saw cuts in  a material are more similar to a milling operation than those of a traditional abrasive saw. Cold saw blades rotate much slower that an abrasive saw and combined with the continuous flow of coolant the cuts produced are much quality in terms of surface finish and accuracy. For a full user manual for our specific machine please see here. Before any cuts are made, the saw should be momentarily started without contacting any material to ensure that the blade and rotation are both in the correct direction and no blade wobble is experienced.

Securing Materials

Possibly the most important consideration … » More …

Upright Mill Use Did You Know

Is machine use necessary for this project? Precision cutting required Precision hole placement Bulk material cut to a complex geometry geometry Material constraint on fabrication type Machine Controls and Table Movement At first glance, the leavers and knobs on the mill head may seem intimidating. For most general operations though few of the controls are used making the learning process much easier. Most projects can be taken care of by using the table X, Y and Z » More ...