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Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Laboratory Cool. Fuel.

ME 316 Spring 2016

Building a containerized hydrogen liquefaction and refueling station

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ME 316 for spring 2016 is continuing the project from ME 316 last fall to build a containerized hydrogen liquefaction and dispensing system. ME 316 syllabus Sp2016.




In the words of our own, late Washington State University President Elson Floyd, “With the most pressing challenges of our state, nation, and world, I can think of few issues as pressing as finding new renewable energy alternatives.” Elson Floyd has done so much for this University and was a huge advocate for student involvement in real life, relevant projects. What better way to honor his legacy than by pursuing his vision of Washington State leading the way towards renewable energy, specifically, producing liquid hydrogen as that source?


The reason you’re here today is because you recognize an opportunity when you see it. Imagine a tanker of fuel showed up at your door and the tanker produced clean, easily distributed energy for the masses. You’d be a fool not to sign for it, but is this even possible?
We are here to tell you that this is completely possible. We have the system where biomass such as forest timber, wheat stalks, etc… are burned creating the syngas via Dr. Phil Appel of AG Energy. We are integrating Heisenberg vortex technology that was re purposed right here at Washington State University that will separate high and low energy hydrogen which will easily liquefy Hydrogen for dispensing.
Thanks to the generous donation from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, and maybe you, in honor of the venerable E-Flo, we’re designing a system that takes syngas and turns it into transportable, inexpensive, green fuel.
The best part is that all of this will be contained in a common, 20 foot shipping container. If you don’t believe us, then see for yourself.




Actual Image of Front of the Container





This is the Inside of the System.



TOP view

This is the top view of the Container




Here is a side view of the Complete System.